Mont Saint Michel

Mont Saint Michel is an Island located in the Normandy region of France famous for its strategic fortifications. The island is just an kilometre away from the coast and can be reached by foot, by bus or you can take a horse ride. Cars are not allowed here and need to be parked near the coast. The bus that takes people to the island is also very unique with engines on both the sides. So, the driver does not need to make a U-turn, and just switch the side instead. Even with over hundreds of thousands of visitors every month, the population of this island is only 44. However, people can still stay at this island in the hotels located here.

I had known the Island for the amazing night view and the reflection off the sea, but on reaching there we couldn’t see any waterbody. Nevertheless, when we were leaving, we discovered that the sea had surrounded the island completely. We even spotted a beautiful rainbow which was was very wide and mesmerising (it felt as if we were watching a mini version of the nothern lights from a distance).

The island was attacked by the English in the 15th century and was made to serve as a jail during the Ancien Régime. Now it has been converted to a UNESCO world heritage site and visited by about 3 Million tourists every year.

We were lucky to visit the island during the Festival 13 siècles entre Ciel et Mer, it was a the 13th year celebration of the festival of christian art started in the year 2003 by Roberto de Torigni association to ‘reconnect with the spiritual character of the mont’. We attended their workshop in a hurry as they were winding off. The workshops were about differtent art forms that were used to spread the word of christianity amongst visitors. The workshops were very interactive and we participated in the wax art, screen painting and clay modelling workshops. We interacted with many French volunteers and got to learn a lot from them. I also got an opportunity to practice my French speaking skills as I tried to communicate with the volunteers in French whenever I could. The people were very warm and lovely and also invited us to attend a concert later that day. However, it was already six thirty in the evening and we had to cover a road journey of almost eight hours back to Belgium.

All in all, Mont Saint Michel is a very picturesque place and a must visit if you are a fan of island, like knowing the history of places, and of course if you are a crazy picture clicker like me ;p. Here are some of my pictures from the French Island. Don’t forget to comment your opinions on my blog and on my pictures from Mont Saint Michel.

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