Paris is known with many different nicknames ranging from ‘The City of Lights’ to ‘ The Fashion Capital of The World’. It is the one of the most populated cities of the world with a current population of over two million residents. The city has many architectural wonders, such as the Arc de Triomphe, Montmartre (the place of street artists), The Louvre Museum (home to Mona Lisa and many other famous art displays), The Panthéon, The Notre Dame and Eiffel Tower (which holded the record for the tallest human-made tower for Fourty-one years until 1930). The presence of River Seine forms three natural islands in the center of the city where the famous Notre Dame is located.

Eiffel Tower was the last destination during our three day visit to Paris. However, I did manage to take a picture of the night view with the sunset in the background as well, which just looked mesmerising in real life. I tried to capture this amazing sight.
Eiffel Tower was build by a well known French architect of the time- Stephen Sauvestre in the year 1886. It is said that Eiffel Tower gains 60 tons of weight every seven years due to the repainting.

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