Giethoorn- The Green Venice of Holland

Giethoorn- also known as ‘The Green Venice of Holland’ is a beautiful place to visit with family or in groups. It is a very picturesque place with boats as a main mode of transport. The city features many narrow river canals with low, ‘respected’ bridges (you may not bow in front of someone else, but if you want to be safe, you will have to bow before them). Giethoorn can be covered in half a day, however if you wish to relax, you can stay for the weekend.

The city is home to a very famous and well-known ‘Kaasmakerij’ (cheese making place as translated literally from Dutch) which offers a very diverse range of cheeses varying from cheese with fenugreek to sambal flavoured cheese. Not only do you get to see such a variety of cheeses, but you can also try some of the exotic flavours offered by the kaasmakerij.

The city also shelters ‘Museum de Oude Aarde’ (museum of old earth- translated from Dutch) which is a museum of natural stones and ores. This museum displays uncountably different types of naturally occuring ores and stones in their natural form as well as shaped in different ornaments and other decorative objects. On interrogation with the cashier, I found out that the ores and stones are specially ordered on a regular basis from Brazil, Madagascar, USA and Central African regions. The owner seemed to be very passionate about stones and natural ores and their ‘breeds’.

A boat ride in this car-free village is a must I would say. I would recomment to hire some private boat and enjoy riding it by yourself than taking the guided tour. We had a very interesting incident where we took the wrong turn which enabled us to take a longer route, not to mention that with the wrong turn came with some tricky traffic conditions. I would also highly recommend to be careful while getting into a boat. I ‘almost’ fell into the water while boarding an empty and unattended boat in order to get an interesting shot (which I could have got only from inside the boat), and the boat also went off-shore. Thankfully, my friend helped me in getting the boat back to the shore (*phew*).

To sum up, the day was packed with surprises and fun with friend and family. I got some shots I was looking for and the others turned out to be disappointing. But nevertheless, it was a nice experience, I got to learn about different angles of clickin pictures and different modes on my camera (as this was the first trip on which I got a chance to use my new camera)

Any sorts of suggestions, improvements and reviews are most welcome. Comments of any kind will be most valued.

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